Educational Adventures in Cambodia and Nepal

Types of Tours

Our on-the-ground experience has given us an intimate knowledge of the countries we travel in and this, paired with a keen sense of adventure and a passion for responsible tourism, means that we can create a unique tour to accommodate your needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for a tailor-made educational adventure for your students, or a customized experience for you and your friends or family, just tell us what you want from your trip and let us take care of the rest!

The Basics

Group Sizes
If you’re planning a customized adventure for friends or family, we suggest putting together a group of 6 or more to make your trip the most cost-effective.

Planning a trip for your students? We are able to accommodate small groups of 8 students and 2 teachers through to large groups of 40 students and 6 teachers, though we would recommend keeping groups smaller for a more interactive learning experience.

PEPY Tours adventures usually last between six days and three weeks and trip dates are customizable to fit your schedule.

Trip Leaders
There will always be a minimum of two English-speaking trip leaders accompanying every educational adventure.

We aim to provide the most responsible accommodation options in each place, including homestays, locally owned accommodation, or guest house which have well respected nonprofit arms and work to be environmentally sustainable. As all trips are tailor-made, we can work to fit your budget.

Most PEPY Tours adventures include a variety of walking, cycling, tuk-tuks, private cars, boats, and ‘bamboo trains’.

Our trips are tailor-made to fit the needs of your school or group. Costs depend on group size, length of trip and itinerary. For a quote, please email [email protected], with as much information as possible about the goals and needs of your group, and we will get back to you with a sample itinerary and projected per person costs.

Get in touch for more information on the types of tours we can create for you!

Types of Tours

  • Student Study Tours
  • We believe that travel should always be a learning experience, and this is especially true for young people. Through discussion, debate, experience, and adventure our facilitated educational trips enable both students and faculty members to discover hidden corners of these ancient and charismatic countries, while exploring new ideas, perspectives, and beliefs. Our goal is to provide experiential learning adventures that leave young people (and their teachers!) excited, intrigued, and wanting to learn even more.

    We have an experienced educator team able to facilitate a range of educational adventures for students and teachers, including:

    1. Middle and high school groups looking for a general overview of Cambodian culture and history, along with an introduction to concepts of development, international aid, critical thinking, and global citizenship.
    2. University groups focusing on specific topics, such as social entrepreneurship, community development, or international aid.

    Topics we can cover on a PEPY Tours educational adventure:

    • The Basics of Buddhism
    • Responsible travel
    • Responsible giving
    • International development
    • Poverty
    • Education
    • Comfort zones
  • Social Enterprise Tours
  • The world is changing and social enterprise is increasingly being seen as an alternative to both Corporate Social Responsibility and nonprofit initiatives. A marriage of social cause and effective business practices, it is a solution that is both beneficial and self-sufficient. Both Cambodia and Nepal are developing economies, and so, both countries are home to many diverse social enterprises (like us!) working to support development in a financially viable way. Whether you are a social entrepreneur, a business owner considering a shake-up, a CSR team, a business studies lecturer, or someone simply wishing to learn about the many inspiring ways that social enterprise is being used in countries in Asia, we can curate an education experience for you.

  • Sign-up Tours (NEW!)
  • Considering a trip to Cambodia that allows you to connect with the country, its people and their stories on a deeper level? Interested in supporting development initiatives, but have heard of potential pitfalls in short term volunteer travel? Look no further. This month-long carefully crafted and curated learning journey across Cambodia is aimed at travelers seeking a more responsible alternative to voluntourism. Join a group of like-minded explorers for an educational travel experience of a lifetime.

    For more information, click here!

  • Cycling Tours
  • In 2014 we celebrated the PEPY Ride’s 10th anniversary, and so far have not formalized plans to run it in 2015. PEPY Tours used to offer other bike tours, but as our strengths lie in educational travel, we are now focusing on student trips and social enterprise tours (which can include a day out on a bike, but it’s not our main specialty!).

    If it is particularly a bike tour across Cambodia you are after, I would recommend using a specialist, such as Grasshopper Adventures or Travel Loops. We also partner with the inspirational Soksabike in Battambang, if you’re keen to join a day tour during your stay in Cambodia.


    • In 2015 PEPY Tours hosted three groups of third year students studying International Development Studies at Australian Catholic University.  The students were undertaking an educational 4-week field trip in Cambodia designed to expose them to the many facets of development they had previously learned about in the classroom, as well as immerse them in Cambodian culture.  After their trip, the students showed significant academic and personal growth and were so excited about what they had learned and experienced.  What a success! All of the staff of PEPY Tours were fantastic to work with.  They were professional, knowledgeable and great communicators.  Their experience and skill in organising and hosting students in Cambodia was evident to both the students and ACU.  For all of these reasons, ACU are looking forward to working with PEPY Tours again in 2016 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other institutions and organisations!
    • I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend one month in Cambodia ... It has given me more of an insight into development than my degree in development has, and all that have learned and experienced in that month is incomparable to anything else. I am beyond grateful... to my guides, Claire and Yut, whose knowledge and love for Cambodia has inspired me.
      ...I fell in love with the country, the people and the culture... this organisation has provided me endless inspiration and an idea onto the sort of career path and life I will live.
    • I learnt so many new things about myself, Cambodia, and the world around me
    • From the introductory skype call, through to meeting us at the airport, moving us through educational and cultural experience, to our follow-up skype call back in America, the PEPY Tours team was inspiring, knowledgeable, organized, gracious, and receptive. They are without doubt experts in this field and at the top of their game
    • I found that the learning aspect of the trip created the most impact. We had daily discussions while we were staying on the island. We talked about charity versus community development, as well as the consequences of giving the street kids money. What I loved about the discussions was that it was never one sided. Our tour guides provided us with perspectives and realizations that I personally would never have come to. There were learning opportunities around every corner.  The trip overall was life changing.