Educational Adventures in Cambodia and Nepal

Siem Reap - Beyond the Temples

Day 1 > Siem Reap Welcome to Cambodia! Arrival at Siem Reap Airport and transfer to reflection centre* Learning focus: Welcome and settling in.

Day 2 > Homestay Orientation and market scavenger hunt. Transfer to rural homestay (approx. 1 hr) Learning focus: Orientation; preparing and setting intentions.

Day 3 Homestay Local living research project and taking part in village activities (eg. rice planting) Daily life in a Cambodian village. Learning focus: Community tourism & voluntourism, incl. pros/cons

Day 4 > Siem Reap Return to Siem Reap (approx. 1 hr) via Landmine Museum. Introduction to Cambodia’s 20th century history. Learning focus: Khmer Rouge history and its impact on modern day Cambodia. The on-going trials and ideas of ‘justice’

5 Siem Reap Mighty Temples of Angkor and visit to the Phare Social Enterprise Circus. Learning focus: Ancient Khmer history and religion. Mass tourism at world heritage sites.

6 Siem Reap Morning cooking class, afternoon visit to PEPY NGO. Learning focus: (Challenges to) education and the experience of young people in Cambodia.

7 > Home Traditional blessing followed by reflections and departure* Learning focus: Reflections and transference

*Itineraries may vary subject to departure and arrival times.

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