Educational Adventures in Cambodia and Nepal


River Water Clean, Mekong Soft!

River Water Clean, Mekong Soft!

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This past spring we had the pleasure of hosting 9 students and 2 teachers from a Vancouver high-school called Seaquam. We spent 2 amazing weeks travelling between Phnom Penh, Kratie, Island on the Mekong, and the Angkor temples of Siem Reap. Below is one of the teacher’s reflections on the group’s stay with host families in the remote island on the Mekong river.

River Water Clean, Mekong Soft!

Our experience in the village on Koh P’dao was magical and eye opening. The village is home to approximately 2100 people and has no electricity, running water, or cars, but is not short on humor and love. Our homestay families were at the boat to greet us when we arrived and opened their homes and lives to us throughout our stay. We experienced many firsts during our 5 nights on Koh P’dao and as Jocelyn so eloquently put it, “I feel, smell, and taste like Survivorman!”


The kids were fearless troopers and truly embraced the whole experience. They built fences, moved dirt, played with children, bathed and did laundry in the Mekong, woke to the sound of roosters at daybreak, rode bicycles of questionable quality, ate rice at EVERY meal (and never complained), bucket showered with frogs and spiders, used squat toilets, slept under mosquito nets on bamboo floors, spoke Khmer whenever they could, asked GREAT questions and had WONDERFUL discussions, were truly respectful and present – we are so proud.


We were saddened to leave our newfound families and friends yesterday morning. It was an epic 11 1/2 hour journey by boat and bus to Siem Reap, but again the kids just took it in stride (I think the ice cream and games of Mafia helped!). We felt like we landed in the lap of luxury at Green Village Guesthouse at 8:00 last night and all slept well in real beds with fans whirring overhead. Today was just another mind blowing day in Cambodia, which included at visit to PEPY (where our fundraising efforts will go) and to Angkor Wat (one of the 7 Wonders of the World and the largest religious structure on the planet).


We were all in awe and wonder! We are currently enjoying a little down time before dinner and a trip to the night market. The trip is most definitely flying by and we are trying not to think about the fact that we only have 2 more days here. Until next time, Leah Hi (goodbye)!