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Cambodia’s Orphanage Tourism

Two of PEPY Tours’ own, Daniela Papi and Anna Baranova were featured in an article today shedding light on the darker side of orphanage tourism and ways to combat the growing travel trend.

Voluntourism in Cambodia can be counterproductive – How to actually help

Written by Michael Aquino,

Tourists often travel to Cambodia not just to see its sights, but to do good deeds too. Cambodia is a fertile field for charity; thanks to its bloody recent history (read about the Khmer Rouge and their extermination camp in Tuol Sleng), the kingdom is one of Southeast Asia’s least developed and most poverty-stricken countries, where disease, malnutrition, and death occur at higher rates than in the rest of the region.

Cambodia’s become the destination du jour for a different kind of package tour: “voluntourism”, which takes visitors away from their posh Siem Reap resorts and into orphanages and poor communities. There’s an oversupply of suffering, and there’s no shortage of tourists with good intentions (and charity dollars) to spare.

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