Educational Adventures in Cambodia and Nepal

Bridging the Gap 2

A month-long “gap” experience in Cambodia

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The value of volunteer travel is increasingly being questioned (What’s wrong with volunteer travel?) with many arguing that such trips prioritize the experience of travelers, while providing little tangible benefits for the communities they claim to ‘help’. We believe in many cases the best way you can ‘help’ through travel is by focusing more on learning first and carefully considering where you money is going. We have therefore put together this pioneering experience that bridges the gap between the desire to do good, a fun immersive adventure, and responsible travel in action.


  • Spend a ‘Day in the life of a mahout’ at an ethical elephant conservation project and get up close and personal with these beautiful giants in their natural environment – gain insights into the importance of responsible elephant tourism and the challenges of conservation in the face of rapid deforestation
  • Explore the iconic Angkor temples and learn about Cambodia’s spiritual journey – consider the positive and negative impacts of ever increasing visitors to World Heritage locations, on the people who call these sites home and the monuments UNESCO aim to protect
  • Live on a rural island on the mighty Mekong River with a host family – a culturally immersive experience that allows you to connect with local people and gain an understanding of both the beauty and realities of life in an isolated rural community, and exploring models of rural development
  • Trek through protected forests and meet indigenous communities – discover largely untouched landscapes and meet the Cambodian ethnic minority groups who practice an Animist belief system, which predates Buddhism and uniquely connects them to the land
  • Make meaningful connections with many inspiring initiatives throughout your whole journey, allowing you to have a deep understanding of development issues and projects in Cambodia
  • Qualified and experienced trip leader with facilitation skills will join you throughout your trip to ensure you get the most out of every activity and interaction – this includes readings, discussions, debates, and reflections to ensure this is a journey of personal growth
  • Chew your way through the flavors of Cambodia’s largely unexplored cuisine

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Social Impact

  • PEPY Tours Bridge the GapA range of activities included are delivered by NGOs or small social businesses; buying  these services contributes to sustainable development for these models
  • All accommodation provided has been selected because of its responsible tourism values, such as a locally owned family business or a social enterprise
  • Contribute to our partner NGO, PEPY Empowering Youth, a transparent and strategic organization that provides further education opportunities for young, rural Cambodians
  • For every departure, we donate at the very least $1,000 to amazing charities and projects across Cambodia
  • Learn from local leaders and help share their story beyond your trip



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