Educational Adventures in Cambodia and Nepal


1 Bike. 1,000 km.

We were so lucky our friend Thavry could join us as a leader for the ninth annual PEPY Ride! After returning from her 1,000 km adventure, Thavry wrote an excellent blog post about her experience and the challenges she faced breaking through cultural norms.

“First of all, I am fighting against a cultural barrier that always says a girl should not travel far from home. In Cambodia many people still believe that it is better for women to stay home in order to cook and take care of the children.It is safe to do this way! But I want to show that women can do many things with their lives.”

Her article is not only inspiring to Cambodian women, challenging them to test their limits and not be held back by their gender, but to people all over the world. Even if you can’t journey to Cambodia you can take a trip around your own country and gain a greater appreciation for where you came from.

Read her whole story on her blog, Thavry Journey.