Educational Adventures in Cambodia and Nepal

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Are you ready to push your limits? Have you been searching for an epic adventure? Do you want to see a different side of Cambodia, one most tourists never experience?

Did you just shout, “YES!” to the questions above?

Then PEPY Ride X is for you!

Described by National Geographic Traveler as one

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Cambodia’s Orphanage Tourism

Two of PEPY Tours’ own, Daniela Papi and Anna Baranova were featured in an article today shedding light on the darker side of orphanage tourism and ways to combat the growing travel trend.

Voluntourism in Cambodia can be counterproductive – How to actually help

Written by Michael Aquino,

Tourists often travel to

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1 Bike. 1,000 km.

We were so lucky our friend Thavry could join us as a leader for the ninth annual PEPY Ride! After returning from her 1,000 km adventure, Thavry wrote an excellent blog post about her experience and the challenges she faced breaking through cultural norms.
“First of all, I am fighting against

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