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Learning Service Campaign

Learning Service

For the last few years, the PEPY Tours team has been promoting a concept we
call “Learning Service”. It is based on the key lesson we learned in our work in
Cambodia: you have to learn before you can help.

Last year we worked on a Learning Service charter and guidelines, which are
designed to help would-be volunteers make responsible, informed choices about
how they donate their time. This year, we decided that if the concept was going
to get more wings, we’d need to move it out of the PEPY Tours umbrella.

We’re now working with other advocates for development education,
researchers, designers, and authors to build a wider movement around the
Learning Service concept. We call ourselves the Learning Service Team!

We’re currently writing a book, making educational videos, and working on an
interactive website to help would-be volunteers put their good intentions to
good use. To push the project forward and make these vital resources available
to more people, we’re asking for a little support via our just-launched Indiegogo campaign.

In exchange for your donations, we’re offering copies of our up-coming book,
along with Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Half Cubes, vouchers for KEEN shoes,
chances to meet the authors, and even the opportunity to sponsor future videos.
We hope you will join us, spread the word, or contribute in any way that you can!

If you’d like to follow the campaign and learn more about our mission, you can
also follow us the Learning Service Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as the
Learning Service website!

Thank you so much for supporting us, and for following along as PEPY Tours
transitions into an organization working with and supporting the improvement
of global volunteer offerings!