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Connecting with high school students at the PEPY Skills Fair


PEPY Tour team members Chor and Sreyneang at PEPY's Skills Fair

PEPY Tour team members Chor and Sreyneang at PEPY’s Skills Fair


On June 7, 2013, two PEPY Tours team members, Sreyneang (Accountant) and Chor (Tour Coordinator), represented us at the first Skills Fair organized by our sister NGO PEPY. The event was held in Kralanh high school, just under 60 km outside of Siem Reap City, and was designed to connect students with various organizational representatives so they could learn about university options and future job opportunities.


700 high school students attended the fair throughout the day and many of them stopped at the PEPY Tours table to ask about the different roles available in a travel organization, and which skills are best suited to each role.


Some students were concerned that they won’t have the necessary skills to do the job in the future or be able to compete with people who already have experience. Sreyneang encouraged the students to keep learning and developing their skills so they can eventually gain work experience. She said, “After I graduated high school, I was afraid that I won’t get work in the future because I didn’t have experience. But I kept applying for jobs after university and learned from my first work experience. Everyone has to start somewhere.”


Chor and Sreyneang were happy to tell students what they could do in the meantime to prepare themselves for the future, from learning Excel to thinking about the kind of roles, tasks, and activities excited them.


Check out this video of Chor at the Skills Fair.