Educational Adventures in Cambodia

WHO: Meet the Team

Anna first joined PEPY Tours as a marketing intern in 2009, mid-way through soul-searching quest around Asia. Although she’s tried to leave a couple of times Anna hasn’t ever quite managed to say goodbye, and is now back for the third time, this time as nothing less than PEPY Tours GM. When Anna isn’t navigating e-mailing across time-zones, she spends her days keeping everyone hydrated with sugarcane juice, teaching participants how to use squat toilets over skype, and trying to convince the team that cleaning out a flooded office is actually a really great team-building activity (this has happened more than once!). Anna dreams of finding good quality chocolate in Cambodia, and promoting travel as a key to learning about yourself, understanding the complexities of the world, meeting amazing people, and creating life-long memories.

Chor – pronounced ‘Joe’ – started working with PEPY Tours back in the summer of 2009, when he joined the team as a fresh-faced intern. Since then lots has changed, and he has gone on to become our tour coordinator and one of our super-star educational trip leaders. When he’s in the office, Chor’s time is filled with organizing logistics, arranging tour curriculums, and stealing Sarah’s bananas.

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